Welcome ;-)

My Hawx

Hi everybody! yes

It’s a pleasure to introduce you to the website of Kayakaddiction & the « Kayaking Maniacs » :jumpy:

We recently had a record of 275 views a day… wow eek what else could we say than: thank you for your interest!

Feel free to visit also our « Kayaking Maniacs » Facebook page :jumpy: or our YouTube chanel by searching  for kayakaddiction… what else ? :dents:

We live our dream and write about what we love..! biggrin We publish different kayak and Surfski experiences and reviews, photos and videos about rides with our friends. You may search the site by keywords, by date, by category or even by tag to find what you’re looking for. Of course, you also may share the site or parts of it on the most current social networks or by sending it as a link in an eMail and even like it mdr

So have fun and enjoy..!


Kayakaddiction & the « Kayaking Maniacs » :jumpy:

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